May 20, 2020: Chowie Wowie 3-pack


To celebrate reaching the halfway point of this week, we're featuring a 3-pack of Chowie Wowie milk chocolate, brought to you by High. This is high-grade chocolate and it tastes delicious! One package has 10mg of THC (and 0mg CBD). It's split into 2 pieces, each containing 5mg, so it's suitable for sharing.

This is an indica dominant chocolate so it'll go really nicely at the end of a workday or after a great workout, when you want to relax and just kick it. Onset can take about 90 minutes to 2 hours, so make sure you don't rush into taking a second dose!

You get THREE of the packages in the image for just $19.99 (they go for $7.99 each) with FREE SHIPPING if you order 2 or more. Shipping is $10 otherwise.

Just simply reply with the number you'd like to buy. If you want to pickup from our store in Burlington, add the word "pickup" after the number, otherwise we'll ship it right to your door!


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