May 30, 2020: Houndstooth & Soda 4-Pack


Our beverage offer yesterday sold out within an hour, so we're really excited to send you another! Today we have 4-packs of the fantastic Tweed Houndstooth & Soda, a super refreshing summer drink that'd go great over ice with a slice of lemon or lime. Sativa dominate, each can has 2mg of THC so it's a perfect beverage to get your evening started.

Because a can is the equivalent of 5.1g of dry leaf cannabis, there is a limit of one 4-pack per person per day. Get it for just $19.96+HST, and SAME DAY DELIVERY for a flat $5 fee if you order before 4pm.

Simply reply with a 1 if you'd like one! If you want to pickup from our store in Burlington, add the word "pickup" after the number, otherwise we'll deliver it right to your door this evening!

HOUNDSTOOTH & SODA 4-PACK: $19.96+HST + $5 delivery

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