November 19, 2020: Truss Mollo 5


Today we’ve got Mollo 5 on feature by Truss Beverage Co.

The 5mg THC and 5mg CBD 1:1 crisp beverage in a 355mL bottle is one of the most unique and refreshing beverages out there. Malty and beer-like in taste, the 1:1 combo make this beverage not only refreshing, but uber chill. This is best served on ice and served with any food beer would go great with. Our advice? 🍔

Watch the video:

We're offering a bottle of Mollo 5 today for just $6.95+HST each. PICKUP ONLY. Your pickup location and how far away is at the bottom of the offer. Reply with the number you want, followed by the word "pickup", so if you want two, text "2 pickup".

TRUSS MOLLO 5: $6.95

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