May 11, 2021: Houseplant Indica flower 3.5g

TOKETEXT: Houseplant Indica flower 3.5g. Houseplant Indica (91 Krypt) is a high-THC/low-CBD strain with medium-sized buds. Its pungent aroma is complemented with earthy, floral, and musky notes, thanks to the terpenes caryophyllene, and limonene. The smell and the look makes it instantly familiar to longtime smokers.

Need something to listen to while you spark up? Houseplant founder @sethrogen stopped by @armchairexppod yesterday and talked all things weed and what went into sourcing and choosing the perfect strains for the brand ✨

Watch the video:

Houseplant Indica flower 3.5g: $43.95 (+tax, +$5 flat for same-day delivery) Text the number you want to us and we'll deliver!

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