June 21, 2021: San Rafael 71 Blaspberry Soft Chews

TOKETEXT: San Rafael 71 Blaspberry Soft Chews. Made from pure cannabinoid extract with almost no cannabis taste, this 4-pack of tangy gummies is infused with indica-dominant resin that delivers 2.5mg of THC per piece for 10mg total. What’s blaspberry you ask? Remember the flavour ‘blue’ from back in the day? Yeah, it’s that. And it’s delicious. 💙

Watch the video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQYg3nFlifb/

San Rafael 71 Blaspberry Soft Chews: $9.95 (+tax, +$5 flat for same-day delivery) Text the number you want to us and we'll deliver!

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