October 12, 2021: Redecan Redees Shishkaberry Pre-Roll 10-pack

TOKETEXT: Discover Redecan Redees Shishkaberry Pre-Roll 10-pack! Shiskaberry is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet, earthy-fresh aroma with a high THC potency potential. These  pre-rolled joints are machine rolled, and never touched by human hands for a one of a kind experience. Made with a lightweight rolling paper and completed with a paper mouthpiece to allow for full user experience. Conveniently packed with 10 perfect joints this high potency cannabis is perfect for on the go and sharing.

Watch the video: https://mobile.twitter.com/toketext/status/1447932605094060032

Get a 10-pack today for just $24.94 (+tax, +$5 SAME DAY delivery)! Text just the number you want to us and we'll deliver!

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